EUROPE: Our raison d’être




Since its creation, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation has constantly contributed to the process of European integration, defending the great ideals which have inspired Europe and promoting a Europe of solidarity as a place of peace, freedom, democracy and diversity.

The name European Academy of Yuste Foundation refers to the historical significance of the Royal Monastery of Yuste, the place chosen by Charles V to retire and reflect on the last years of his life, making it one of the key locations in European memory and history.

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation has been recognized by the European Union as a European Interest Organisation and it participates in the main European platforms and networks related to culture, multilingualism, active citizenship and reflection on Europe.


To strengthen European integration by means of the promotion of active citizenship, culture, social policy, training and research.

To encourage debate on European construction and to promote European values.

To organize activities which contribute to spreading the European memory.

To encourage the study and dissemination of European cultural heritage.