The symposium is supplemented with the exhibition “Escrito por mujeres. El mundo literario femenino en español del siglo XX” (“Written by Women: the Feminine Literary World of the 20th Century in Spanish”).

Young Americanist researchers, doctors and doctoral students have come together in Cáceres and Guadalupe where the “3rd International Symposium for Young Researchers. Extremadura and America”, has been organised by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation and the University of Extremadura.

The Symposium was opened by the Director of the European and Ibero-American academy of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno; the Mayor of Cáceres, Luis Salaya; the Vice Rector of University Extension of the University of Extremadura (UEx), Juan Carlos Iglesias Zoido, and the coordinator of the symposium, Sigfrido Vázquez.

The Director of the Foundation claimed that the symposium has gradually established itself thanks to the “passion and enthusiasm with which the young researchers come to expose the progress they have made in their research”.

In this sense, Juan Carlos Moreno has announced the Foundation’s continuous commitment with this academic activity, which  will “be strengthened with the presence of expert researchers who will work with the young researchers due to its consolidation” next year.

In addition, he revealed that the Research Prize to Doctoral Theses will be included in this activity and will have an economic endowment that will add on to the publication of the theses as has been done till present day.

The Director of Yuste Foundation has highlighted the multidisciplinary approach of the works exposed: “a complete image of Europe and Ibero-America may be seen in this carousel of speeches”.

In this vein, the Vice Rector of University Extension of the University of Extremadura, Juan Carlos Iglesias Zoido, also drew attention to the event’s multidisciplinary approach, where “dialogue among the different areas, history, art, and literature is incredibly fruitful and one of the symposium’s features”.

Professor Sigfrido Vázquez chose to highlight the coordination of the different institutions implied in this event working in numerous fields. He drew attention to the fact that this symposium started at the University and then moved to Guadalupe, because in this manner, he pointed out, the aim to “take the scientific and academic knowledge created at the university to society to create benefit for everyone” is achieved.


Some of the Symposium’s objectives are: to delve into the interaction that has existed between Extremadura and America for the past five centuries; to prioritise the research work that has studied this relation; a relation that has been shaping a new historical reality in both areas and is found in a cultural and material heritage in many common cases; to make progression in studies on migratory flows between Extremadura and America, and to offer a space for debate having as an essential premise the participation of young researchers in the field of American History.

This symposium is based on the lectures and presentations delivered by young researchers coming from different university and research centres from Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil, such as the University of Extremadura; the University of Seville; the Complutense University of Madrid; the Autonomous University of Madrid; the University of Pablo de Olavide; the National University of Distance Education; Universidade de Évora; the University of Murcia; the Rey Juan carlos University; Universidade Federal do Recòncavo da bahia; the University of Huelva; the University of Málaga and the Universitá di Bologna, as well as other institutions, as for instance, Puerta de América Foundation and the Hispanic American Forum of the Francisco de Vitoria University.


At the same time, the exhibition “Escrito por mujeres. El mundo literario femenino en español del siglo XX”, located at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Extremadura’s hall, has been inaugurated.

This sample, made up by a collection from the Writer’s Museum-Modern Art Centre (Museo del Escritor-Centro de Arte Moderno) in Madrid, attempts to reflect women’s important literary work during the 20th century.  It intends to show some of the traces left behind by these creators in the different Spanish speaking countries they were from. It is through these trails that their fruitful task, their interrelations, their relation with the editorial world, with illustrators and with the world of writers may be appreciated.

This exhibition is composed in homage to these women’s battle, who paid with family exclusions, marital problems, exiles, different types of injustices and in many other ways, their decision to be themselves and reflect their feelings and thoughts in written words.

“Escrito por mujeres. El mundo literario femenino en español del siglo XX” has an interdisciplinary nature, made up by the different author’s first book editions, but also by other elements that give us more, detailed and rich information about them, such as photographs, dedications, letters, personal belongings, documents, recordings of their own words, posters and films, among other objects.

This exhibition is curated by Raúl Manrique and Claudio Pérez Míguez and may be visited until 15 October.