From 28 to 29 November, at the Assembly hall of the University Campus’ Central Library.

With this edition, we will have held a dozen events concerning the encounters on the Spanish Transition and transitions at global level. On this occasion, the fascinating field of political discourse, particularly from the ideological, but also from the communicative and media perspective, that has been so determining in transforming conventional political discourses, will be dealt with.

As the Encounters take place, different aspects in relation to contemporary political discourses’ conceptualization and articulation will be tackled, but above all, the processes that Europe and Spain have experienced in recent times and the interpretation those processes have suffered through political discourse, will be analysed.

In this manner, the process of European construction may be analysed, beginning with enthusiastic discourse and ending with the most critical of all or even one that is radically opposed. This same pattern may be applied to the Spanish Transition towards democracy, which was once praised and promoted with optimist and positive discourses, but has been criticised and even questioned by some sectors in recent years.

The manner in which discourse assembles all these changes and how the keys that allow the efficiency of some or other messages may be found, will be these encounters’ main aim. However, the manner in which discourse is delivered, which has changed so much over the last years bearing in mind the impact of the new ways to communicate through social networks, will not be overlooked.