A survivor of Auschwitz visits Extremadura to share her experience with students from Ildefonso Serrano Secondary School, in Segura de León

Sonjia Vrscaj, a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, will give a talk framed within the project “Cultura Europea y valores sociales. Caso particular de una superviviente de Auschwitz” (“European Culture and Social Values. The Particular Case of a Survivor of Auschwitz”) that Ildefonso Serrano Secondary School will carry out this week, on March 21st at its premises, in Segura de León, at 19:00 pm. Vrscaj, of Slovenian origin, is 92 years old and will be accompanied by Renata Cvelbar Bek, the Slovenian Ambassador in Spain, during her visit to Segura de León.

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation wishes to collaborate in this project in order to obtain the greatest awareness possible regarding this atrocious period in the history of Europe within the educational community and society in general. The Yuste Foundation subscribes to the goals of this important initiative carried out by Ildefonso Serrano Secondary School and its attempts to have an educational system that transmits not only curricular knowledge to the youth but also values so that they may grow up with a critical spirit in view of the challenges of present day society. We are certain that the possibility of getting to know and sharing the classroom with someone who has experienced one of the darkest periods and events in the history of humankind in person and has lived long enough to share it is a unique opportunity and a privilege that will especially enrich those students from this part of Extremadura who will have the chance to listen to Sonjia Vrascaj.

“The Interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials” Exposition

Furthermore, as a complementary activity to the talk, the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation and the Extremaduran Assembly organise the exposition “The Interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials”, which was exhibited at the Assembly of Extremadura in 2016 in order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials, where those responsible for the crimes committed during the Holocaust were tried. The exposition will also be inaugurated on the 21st of March, at 18:00 pm and will see the intervention of the President of the Extremaduran Assembly, Blanca Martín. It will be attended by the Secretary-General for Culture, Miriam García Cabezas; the curator of the exposition, professor at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Salamanca and Member of the Alfaqueque Research Group on Translation and Interpretation, Jesús Baigorri; the Director of the Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno and the Headmaster of the school, Cayetano Serrano Cantonero.

Among the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation’s goals are the promotion of respect for human rights; the dissemination and knowledge of European history and memory, as well as the promotion of peace and international understanding, which is why it collaborates closely in the development of different type of activities that promote these values and make our common history known. It should be recalled that the first woman to win the Carlos V European Award was the late Simone Veil, who was also a Holocaust survivor, who received the Award in 2008 during a solemn ceremony at the Royal Monastery of Yuste.

The Counsellor for Education and Employment, Esther Gutiérrez, will attend the celebration of these activities, that have exclusively been organised for the educational community, during the morning.