Presentación libro Susana del Río

Last October the Italian Embassy hosted the presentation of the new book by Doctor Susana del Río Villar, titled ‘Europe: Project and Process. Citizens, Democracy, Participation’ and recently published by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation and Peter Lang.

During the ceremony, the author focussed on the central topics of her work, setting out the keys to continuing to further the project and the process of European integration. In addition, she analysed the current issues facing the European Union, indicating the resources of true politics to restore credibility among its citizens and stressing the need for politics and politicians to give quality to present-day democracy. She also spoke of the Greek crisis, immigration and refugees.

Doctor del Río explained, in her opinion, what the main messages with regard to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in 2019 will be. Pietro Sebastiani, the Italian ambassador in Spain, also took part in the ceremony.

The presentation was attended by different figures from the academic, political and media worlds such as Pedro García Barreno, doctor and member of the Royal Spanish Academy, Álvaro López de Goicoechea, deputy director of RTVE news, and Salvador Garriga Polledo, former MEP, as well as members of the diplomatic corps, MEPs, representatives of the business sector and professors from different universities.