Europa desde Yuste. Entrevistas a los Premio Europeo Carlos V

Author: José Julián Barriga Bravo and Luis Ángel Ruiz de Gopegui Santoyo (dirs.)
Date of publication: 2010
Editorial: Ramón Areces University Editorial; European Academy of Yuste Foundation
ISBN: 978-84-8004-974-0

The Carlos V European Awards have gained a unique interest across Europe. This publication includes exclusive interviews with each one of the award winners and the speeches delivered at the Royal Monastery of Yuste during the ceremonies of delivery in the corresponding years, under the presidency of the Spanish Royal Family. Jacques Delors, Wilfried Martens, Felipe González, Mijaíl Gorbachov, Jorge Sampaio, Helmut Kohl and Simone Veil explain to us what they understand by the European spirit, the development of the Community process, the problems arising from enlargement, from six to 27 countries in 50 years, the challenges to be overcome in order for the institutions to operate with respect for democracy and to ensure effectiveness, and the need to safeguard the spirit that gave birth to this exceptional adventure that began in the middle of the last century and that continues to illuminate the process of European construction amidst the changes and transformations that have occurred in the world throughout the last century. Seven distinguished journalists, Pilar Cernuda, Fernando González Urbaneja, Alfonso S. Palomares, Sol Gallego, Fernando Jáuregui, Fernando Ónega and Félix Madero have portrayed the profiles of the personalities interviewed.