Inés Suárez. La conquista de Chile

Date of publication: 2015
Editorial: CEXECI
Book Collection: Extremadura in Latin America – Cartoon
Number: 5
ISBN: 978-84-943954-0-6
Price: 10 euros

In 1537, Inés Suárez left for the Indies in search of her husband, Juan de Málaga, whom she had not heard from for ten years. This risky adventure will take the young seamstress from Plasencia to the conquest of Chile.

Borja González is a comic book author and illustrator who was born in Badajoz. He began publishing in various fanzines and later worked as a professional illustrator. He released his first album, La boca del lobo, in 2012. In 2014 he founded the publishing label “El verano del cohete” along with Mayte Alvarado and Rui Díaz. In 2015 he published his second album, Inés Suárez, for the book collection Extremeños en Iberoamérica-Historieta, published by CEXECI. In 2016 he released his third album, La reina Orquídea. Then came The Black Holes (Reservoir Books, 2018), the first part of the trilogy “Las tres noches” In 2021 he released his fourth album, Grito nocturno, edited by Dargaud in the Franco-Belgian market and by Reservoir Books in its Spanish edition.  Thanks to this work, Borja González won the 2023 National Comic Prize, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. This same year he has concluded the trilogy with the publication of El pájaro y la serpiente.

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