Information talks on mobility and Erasmus+ opportunities

Badajoz, February-March 2020

One of the objectives of the European Documentation and Information Centre (CDIEX) in Extremadura, which is part of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, is to provide information and training on European issues. This year an action has been planned in secondary schools for high school students, the final year of ESO and vocational training, which consists of talks on the opportunities offered by the European Union in terms of mobility, work, studies, volunteering…

The talks last one hour and are given by staff from the centre and by Francesco Pio di Martino, a postgraduate student of ERASMUS + who performs his professional internship at our centre, and shares his own personal experience regarding mobility and training within the European Union.




11 Tuesday: IES Rodriguez Moñino

12 Wednesday: IES Maestro Domingo Cáceres

14 Friday: IES Maestro Domingo Cáceres

17 Monday: Colegio Sopeña

18 Tuesday: IES San Roque

27 Thursday: Colegio Sopeña

28 Friday: Ntra Sra del Carmen School


9 Monday: IES Barbara de Braganza

10 Tuesday: Colegio Santo Ángel

11 Wednesday: IES Castelar