Yuste Foundation Organises a Webinar on Youth and Sports

The European Documentation Centre of Extremadura, which is part of the Yuste Foundation and the University of Extremadura and belongs to the European Commission’s Information Network in Spain, has organised the webinar “Youth and Sports” to be held tomorrow Friday, 18 March, at 9:00 am. (17/03/2022)

The aim of this virtual meeting, which will last an hour and a half, is to make sports visible as an element of cohesion and social inclusion in the lives of Europeans, besides explaining the relevance of this sector as a key point that employs millions of citizens and adds thousands of millions of euros in revenue.

This activity is part of the European Year of Youth, designated by the European Union to overcome the period lived by young people during the pandemic. The European Year will thus include conferences, talks and information campaigns to help young people become active and committed citizens, among other objectives.

The speakers of the webinar will be the Head of Communication of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain, Juan González Mellizo; the sociologist and professor of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Extremadura, Beatriz Muñoz González; as well as the director of the Youth and Sports Foundation in Extremadura and national coach of Athletics and Triathlon, Sonia Bejarano Sánchez.

In addition, three Extremaduran athletes will participate and will explain their personal experience as elite athletes: the high-performance athlete of the Spanish weightlifting team, Pepa Gimenez-Guervós; the multidisciplinary athlete in the climbing competition and winner of numerous championships of Spain and the world, Javier Cano Blázquez, and the swimmer of the Open Waters club of Extremadura that crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in 2019, Emilio Merino Toro.

Those interested in getting further information and registrating can do so at:

This event is part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, an open, inclusive and transparent public forum that counts on citizens to share their ideas and contribute to shaping the future of the EU. As you know, the conclusions drawn from the platform will be presented this spring.