presentacioncursos2017The European Academy of Yuste Foundation has opened pre-registrations for international summer courses from the University of Extremadura as part of the Campus Yuste training programme held throughout June and July at the Royal Monastery of Yuste.

This year’s theme is broad and diverse, and will examine from a multidisciplinary and international perspective, issues such as ongoing developments in Europe since the signing of the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht Treaty; global challenges from cooperation to development; and how to eradicate and prevent endemic diseases such as malaria, a course sponsored by AEXCID – Extremadura´s International Development Cooperation Agency.

Other courses will look into the socio-economic, political, and cultural effects of thirty years of Spain and Portugal’s integration with the European Union; the impact of the Reformation in the era of Emperor Charles V and his stance on Protestantism, and its impact on Europe now, coinciding with 500 years since the publication of Martin Luther’s Reformist Theses; as well as relations between, and challenges facing, the European Union and Latin America in the present day. In addition, continuing Campus Yuste’s work on analysing the main challenges facing the European Union, this year will see an analysis of the role of Europe in terms of migratory movements, the European Union’s role in the world, and its relations with other global powers, including Ibero-America.

Pre-register for the courses here:


The Campus Yuste summer programme will finish with a doctoral seminar bringing researchers to Yuste who have received Research and Mobility Grants in European Studies Carlos V European Award – Sofia Corradi – Mamma Erasmus, who for three years have examined the theme ‘Peace and European values as a potential model of integration and progress in a global world’. This seminar will also be sponsored by AEXCID.
Courses will continue in October with two more workshops which will look into the financial and migratory crises that have hit Europe; and the role of the media as a tool to safeguard liberties and human rights, and its role as a speaker for the challenges facing institutions. In November there will be a workshop looking into the need to mainstream a gender-based approach at all levels of society to fight to change equality of rights and opportunities, and fight against violence and discrimination suffered by women.


The Campus Yuste programme puts on specialist courses and meetings aimed at encouraging debate and reflection in university students, researchers, and professionals, on the process of European construction and integration, as well as current issues in Europe and other themes related to the history and memory of Europe and the founding principles of the foundation. This is all examined from a multidisciplinary perspective and in the unique setting of the Royal Monastery of Yuste, which facilitates contact and exchange between students and speakers sharing their reflections with subject experts and first-rate academic, political, and social personalities, making this ultimately a space for reflection, thought, culture, and science.