Royal Monastery of Yuste, 2-4 July 2014

Globalization has led to the emergence of multi-religious societies where minorities seek the recognition and exercise of their fundamental right to religious freedom in the host countries in which they establish themselves. This summer course will analyze the responses given within different legal systems and will seek possible solutions to some of the conflicts which have arisen in various countries in Latin America and the Maghreb. Religious education, the wearing of the veil in public places, religious dietary practices and assistance, cemeteries and places of worship, as well as interreligious dialogue.

Directors:Dr. Jaime Rossell Granados – Dean and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Extremadura – and Dr. Rafael Valencia Candalija – Professor of State EcclesiasticalLaw, University of Extremadura.


–     Dr. José Antonio Calvidel Risco –Lecturer in State Ecclesiastical Law at the SedesSapientae Catholic University and Member of the Latin American Consortium for Religious Freedom

–     Dr. Sergio González Sandoval –Lecturer in Constitutional Law at the Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogotá

–     Dr. Ana Mª Vega GutiérrezFull Professor of State Ecclesiastical Law, University of La Rioja. UNESCO Chair “Democratic Citizenship and Cultural Freedom”

–     Dr.ZoilaCombalíaSolís -FullProfessor of State Ecclesiastical Law, University of Zaragoza

–     Dr. Jaime Contreras Contreras –Full Professor of Modern History, University of Alcalá

–     Dr. Joan Hernández Serret – Lecturer at the International University of Catalonia, Barcelona Higher Institute of Religious Science. Director of the Stable Working Group on Religions (GTER)

–     Dr. Ricardo García García – Deputy Director General of Relations with Religious Faiths. Ministry of Justice