portadalibroThe European Access to Culture Platform, to which belongs, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation just published the digital format of the book ‘Rethinking Education: Empowering Individuals with the Appropriate Educational Tools, Skills, and Competencies, for their Active Cultural, Political and Economic Participation in Society in Europe and Beyond’ . The book was already presented, in paper format, coinciding with the last meeting of the network ‘A Soul for Europe’ held in Brussels in December 2014.

The Foundation has been involved in coordinating the publication, directed by ENCAT-European Network of Culture Administration Training Centers, and has being member of the editorial board, participated in the selection of articles and proofreading, as wells as on the edition of the book. The book can be downloaded for free at: http://www.access-to-culture.eu/upload/Docs%20ACP/ACPELPublication2013.pdf