The European Union: a History of Values and Human Rights exhibition

From the 8th to the 31st of October 2018, at La Gota Cultural Centre in Navalmoral de la Mata

The sample of the exhibition, which consists of different murals worked on by approximately 200 students ranging from ages 10 to 11 from the schools in Navalmoral, explain what the European Union is, the integration process, the flags and languages spoken, as well as some of the most prominent monuments. The exhibition also includes a video where the students explain the work they have carried out in each mural.

“The European Union: a History of Values and Human Rights” started off last year and its main aim is to awaken the interest of students to know the meaning of feeling European; to promote respect for human rights, strengthen European integration through the promotion of active citizenship, as well as the promotion of debate as far as the construction of Europe and the promotion of European values is concerned.