Royal Monastery of Yuste. 19 – 21 July 2017

parlamentoeuThis course continues the theme of the Campus Yuste programme to tackle, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, an in-depth analysis of the main challenges facing the European Union in a global context of major transformations. This is being approached from a both academic and practical viewpoint, to help us comprehensively understand these challenges with the aim of analysing how we can confront them, and define strategies for the future to be able to confront them from the perspective of the European Union.

Europe’s role in the world, the Brexit challenge, threatened European values, the rise of euroscepticism, the resurgence of populism and xenophobic movements, the terrorism threat, migration and identity crises and questionable European migratory policy, the constant threats to human and social rights, both within and outside our borders, and the new world order resulting from the latest elections in the United States, all put Europe under the spotlight and question whether it can manage – and respond to – all these challenges.

The European dream is under threat, and whilst some question its future others opt for a stronger Europe, united and well-structured, capable of confronting these challenges and defining strategies which allow us to move forward: albeit at different speeds, in contrast to the cruising speed we have become used to. We therefore need to analyse the main threats facing Europe, with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the causes that provoke them. That way we can carry out an effective diagnosis resulting in a process of renewal: one that will nonetheless remain anchored by the pillars which have kept Europe united for 60 years since the Rome Treaties were signed.