Yuste Foundation Takes the Debate on Europe-Latin America Relations to Peru

The Yuste European and Ibero-American Academy Foundation continues its efforts to foster forums for dialogue and debate on the relations between Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. To this end, it has organised the 6th International Congress on Relations between Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe at the Andean University of Cusco in Peru. This year’s topic is “Sustainability and Human Rights: Progress in the Euro-Latin American Space” (22/05/2024).

At this forum, topics such as public space as a fundamental right in Peru, sustainability and urban planning in the Euro-Latin American space, human rights and indigenous peoples in the inter-American human rights system, and the Inter-American Democratic Charter were discussed.

The aim of these congresses is to reflect on the interactions between America and Europe over the past five centuries. They seek to prioritise research studying this relationship, which has shaped a historical reality in both regions, evidenced by a shared cultural and material heritage. Moreover, they aim to enhance debate between the two regions, particularly emphasising the participation of young researchers in the fields of international relations and the history of Ibero-America as an area of deep connections between the two regions.

Speakers at the congress included the rector of the Andean University of Cusco, Di Yanira Bravo Gonzales; the regional vice-governor of Cusco, Noely Esmeralda Loiza Livano; the councilor of the Provincial Municipality of Cusco, Maryori Ximena Ríos García; the dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Andean University of Cusco, Uriel Balladares Aparicio; and the director of the Bartolomé de las Casas Centre of Cusco, Carlos Herz Saenz.

Other participants included Peruvian professor Juan Cosío Muñoz; Peruvian diplomat Germán Vera Esquivel; University of Granada professor Karen Añaños Bedriñana; the congress director Cástor Díaz Barrado; and the congress coordinators: Doctor Sagrario Morán Blanco from Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, José Hildebrando Díaz Torres, professor and director of the library and university publishing house at the Andean University of Cusco, and Juan Carlos Moreno, director of Yuste Foundation.

This congress, organised by Yuste Foundation, the Andean University of Cusco, and the Bartolomé de las Casas Centre in Cusco, Peru, was held with the collaboration of the Research Centre for Ibero-American Studies at Rey Juan Carlos University (CEIB) and sponsored by the Provincial Council of Badajoz.

This activity is part of the School of Guadalupe, a knowledge and transfer programme launched by Yuste Foundation for reflection and research on History, Law, and International Relations. Its goals include contributing to academic, social, and intellectual development in the region and providing Ibero-American society with tools useful for socio-economic progress, grounded in the historical relations between Ibero-American countries, the current state of these links, and the search for a common future.



Yuste Foundation has also sought to strengthen ties with Ricardo Palma University in Lima and has signed a letter of intent, endorsed by the director of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno Piñero, and the rector of the university, Félix Romero Revilla.

Additionally, Juan Carlos Moreno gave a talk entitled “A Quick Overview of Europe”, which was attended by notable figures including the metropolitan councillor of Lima, Déborah Inga Zapata, and the minister-counsellor of the Spanish Embassy in Peru, Concepción Figuerola Santos, and the president of the Association of Universities of Peru, Lida Asencios.

Likewise, Moreno Piñero participated in the “International Discussion on Yuste Foundation and Europe-Latin America Relations”, which was held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) with Social Sciences professor and Yuste Alumni Network member, Dr. Mayte Anais Dongo Sueiro.