50decienThe European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation organises the “50 of One Hundred. 50 years in the company of One Hundred Years of Solitude” seminar, which aims at taking a journey through the life trajectory of Gabriel García Márquez, one of the literary exponents of Ibero-American literature, and his universal work “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, half a century after its first publication.

This seminar starts on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, and in the afternoon, at 7:00 p.m. at the Modern Languages Institute.

These events are intended to pay tribute to the Buendía family saga on occasion of its 50 years of existence with a series of conferences, a round table and an exhibition around this personality.

During the seminar, leading specialists participate from different perspectives   to contribute their vision and analysis; including among others Francisca Noguerol, University Professor of Hispanic-American Literature at the University of Salamanca; Selena Millares, University Professor of Hispanic-American Literature at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Antonio Machado International Literature Award in 2014; Pablo Sánchez, University Professor at the University of Seville; Jordi Gracía, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona; the novelist and essayist Gonzalo Hidalgo Bayal; the journalists Juan Domingo Fernández, Deputy Director of Diario Hoy in Cáceres, and Jorge Barriuso, cultural journalist, screenwriter and translator, who has also been director of the cultural programme ‘El postre’, on Radio 3, and in this same radio station he collaborates in the programme ‘Hoy empieza todo’, in addition to directing ‘Opiniones de un payaso’ on Radio Clásica.

‘One hundred years of solitude’ was published for the first time in Argentina by the Sudamericana publishing house, on 30 May 1967. The novel works with the structure of ancient myths, but it is made with the literary tools of today. The history behind the creation of the world, and of man in that world, is something that interests and moves people of all cultures.


In parallel, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., the exhibition ‘El mundo de Gabo en el cincuentenario de Cien años de soledad’ is inaugurated at the Cáceres Modern Languages Institute, composed of first editions, dedicated and signed books, publications in magazines and newspapers of the time, records recorded by him and photographs that will allow a vision of the literary career and life of Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature and without a doubt the most emblematic personality of the Latin American literature ‘boom’.

Among the material exhibited, which belongs to the Museum of Writers of Madrid, you will find the first edition of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, published by the Sudamericana publishing  house, in Buenos Aires, in 1967; the vinyl record Gabriel García Márquez reads One Hundred Years of Solitude’, AMB record company, Buenos Aires; the special edition of ‘The general in his labyrinth’, signed by him, and the pirate edition of ‘The black man who made the angels wait’, among others. In addition to original photographs of the Gabo period with Juan Carlos Onetti, in Barcelona, at the Carmen Balcells Literary Agency and different portraits; a copy of the first edition of ‘Story of a Deicide’, a book written by Vargas Llosa about Gabo before falling out with him, and a compilation of texts about Gabriel García Márquez by the Casa de las Américas, in Cuba, in 1969, which includes texts by Mario Vargas Llosa and Carlos Fuentes, among others. There will also be journalistic reviews like Vietnam inside, from the year 1979, in the Alternative Magazine, ending the tour with one of the yellow paper butterflies that were released on the day of the writer’s funeral from the balconies of the Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico City.

This exhibition will be open to the public until 7 December at the Cáceres Modern Languages Institute.

These events, which represent a tribute to Gabriel García Márquez and his universal work, are organised by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, with the collaboration of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts; the Cáceres Modern Languages Institute and Tropa No. 1 Training Centre.