slidecampus112Young people from a number of Spanish, British, and Venezuelan universities have applied for international summer course grants as part of the Campus Yuste grant programme organised by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation together with the University of Extremadura.

Applications have been received from several Spanish universities, as well as others such as the University of Oxford (UK) and Alejandro de Humboldt University (Venezuela).

The deadline for submitting applications passed on 17th June: successful applicants will be able to enjoy one of 120 scholarships offered by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation to cover fees, accommodation and living expenses.

Courses starting from next week are: ‘Prospects, strategies and challenges of the European Union: conflict and safety threats in a global context’ from 29th June to 1st July; ‘The European integration process: 30 years of European Union in Spain and Portugal (1986-2016)’ from 6th to 8th July; and ‘Hispanic kingdoms from Fernando the Catholic to Carlos V: European and American political and cultural projection’, from 13th to 15th July.

The deadline for submitting applications for October’s course at Campus Yuste, entitled ‘Cultural policies in Europe facing the challenges of integration: citizen participation, active citizenship and European identity’ is 23rd September.


Campus Yuste was set up by the European Academy of Yuste to provide a unique setting for training programmes centred on encouraging debate and reflection on European issues between undergraduates, researchers and professionals. Based in the Royal Monastery of Yuste, it is a unique place where speakers and students can exchange opinions.
In 2015, Campus Yuste hosted 90 conferences and round-table events with 150 speakers and over 300 students.

Other courses held at Campus Yuste in 2016 were ‘VII Yuste Encounters on the Spanish transition to democracy’, this year with the title ‘Culture and the media in democratic Spain and their projection towards Europe’ in April, and ‘III Yuste Dialogues’ on 27th June, with participation from the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

An exhibition entitled ‘Interpreters in Nuremberg’ will be held at Campus Yuste as part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials, at the European Academy of Yuste headquarters from 29th June to 30th October 2016.