Royal Monastery of Yuste, 29-30 June and 1 July

eu-1232430_1920Today’s international relations has safety as one of its main cornerstones for understanding the changes that are occurring. The analysis of the data and the current concern about the characteristics acquired by the phenomenon of terrorism and its extension, are the backbone of studies on safety in Europe today. In this context, there is an inescapable humanitarian dimension which is especially visible on refugees and other groups that have been forced to move. The actions undertaken and the difficulties of implementation will be studied together with a comparative analysis of experiences, including those deployed in the Latin American context, which must necessarily be made in the light of International Law of Human Rights. In this line, it is especially important to pay particular attention to the need to introduce a gender perspective in relation to the conflict, not only due to the active presence of women in peacekeeping operations or their position in peace, repatriation or resettlement processes, but also due to their active participation in the different decision-making levels.


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Director: Mr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez Barrigón. Universidad de Extremadura
Secretary: Mr. Jorge Urbaneja Cillán. Universidad de Extremadura



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