Yuste Foundation Organises Two Concerts in the Monastery of Yuste

One more year, the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation has organised the Cycle of the Emperor’s Music concerts along with National Heritage, which will be held on the Saturdays of 16 and 23 September 2023, at 13:00 pm, at the church of the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste. There will be free admission until full capacity is reached. (12/09/2023)

“Carlos V: la música en la intimmidad de un imperio” is the title of the first concert to be performed by the group Speculum along with the soprano Mariví Blasco. The works and authors chosen for the occasion seek to immerse the audience in a sound journey presenting pieces and compositions that would have been enjoyed in the intimate circles of the Court and of the Emperor himself.

From sacred and polyphonic music to popular songs or dances, the programme will offer a variety of styles and genres that capture the richness and musical diversity of that time.

The musical group began its career in 1996; since then, its discography has eleven records, some of them awarded with prizes such as the Choc Prize delivered by the magazine Le Monde de la musique or the 5 tuning forks of the French magazine, Dispason. They have taken their music throughout Europe, Japan, North Africa and Latin America.

Opera Prima Concert

“Amor. No te llame amor: canciones en el teatro español del Siglo de Oro” is the title of the programme that will be performed by the musical group Opera Omnia on Saturday 23 September in Yuste.

On this occasion, the pieces chosen will focus on the music that accompanied the plays of the Spanish Golden Age, solo songs with generally profane text whose origin is in the songs or comedies, operas and zarzuelas.

The repertoire will include tones, mainly by Juan Hidalgo, who is considered one of the best composers of this genre and is author of the first Spanish opera; by Sebastián Durón and Manuel Egüés, where three instrumental pieces by renowned composers such as Antonio Martín Coll and Diego Ortiz will complete the programme.

Opera Omnia is an ancient music group that focuses its activity on the recovery of the Spanish musical heritage from the Baroque and Classicism. It has received several awards, including the “Best group of eighteenth-century music”, which awarded to them by the Association of Spanish Groups of Ancient Music, and the award for “Best production and management” regarding the SARAO tour.

Opera Omnia has performed at the International Festival of Sacred Art of the Community of Madrid; the Semanas de Música de Estrella, of Logroño and Álava; the Festival of Spanish Music of Cádiz; the International Festival of Santander, or the Week of Religious Music in Cuenca.

These two concerts count with the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Cáceres, the Provincial Council of Badajoz and the Cooperation Network of the Routes of Emperor Charles V.