The entities commit to carry out joint student and faculty training. (06/02/2024)

The Mons. Vicente Murga Theatre bore witness to the agreement between the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and Yuste Foundation, which is based in Extremadura, Spain. The new collaborative agreement was signed during faculty training activities by Dr. Jorge Iván Vélez Arocho, president of the PCUPR, and Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno Piñero, director of the Foundation.

This agreement allows for the establishment of a collaborative space between the PCUPR and the Foundation in order to carry out joint actions and activities that contribute to the development and training of students and faculty. The agreement outlines areas of collaboration such as the development of training programmes or exchange of research personnel, the use of specific facilities and equipment, technological dissemination and innovation, and reciprocal collaboration in conferences, cycles, seminars, or events organised by either party, among others.

“This is a privileged moment for our University as it has the possibility of establishing collaborative projects with the Foundation and Academy of Yuste. The possibility for our students to participate in the course held there this summer in July is already established, extraordinary courses with students from different countries. Secondly, in September, we will count with a visit of professors from the Ibero-American and European Academy at our University, also offering a course. So, we have signed an agreement with projects already underway and an agreement that is signed with very concrete expectations but with very high aspirations, aspirations that can be worked on together for a better understanding of our countries, our regions, and a better understanding of the world”, stated Dr. Jorge Iván Vélez Arocho, president of the PCUPR.

In turn, Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno claimed that “Yuste Foundation is a Spanish public foundation that is presided over by the King of Spain, Felipe VI. Its mission is to promote and strengthen the historical and current ties between the European Union, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The signing of this agreement is of utmost importance as it marks the first step towards establishing a stable future in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have had a fortunate encounter and we hope that this lays the groundwork for a future that will be even better than the present”.

“As a university, we are present because we collaborate with the academy. We are, in a way, its academic support, thereby establishing a relationship between the Pontifical Catholic University and the University of Extremadura. This relationship will primarily involve the exchange of professors and students, as well as the generation or creation of joint research and academic projects in general”, explained Dr. Jaime Rossell, professor at the University of Extremadura.

The agreement was signed on 26 January 2024.