Yuste Foundation receives 39 doctoral theses from ten countries for the Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation received thirty-nine doctoral theses competing for the 2024 Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses, which aims to support the development of young researchers’ work, fostering reflection and the exchange of ideas on Ibero-American and European topics. (28/02/2024)

The theses received come from universities in Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Morocco, France, and the United Kingdom.

The research submitted analyses the relationships between Spain, Portugal, or Europe as a whole with Ibero-America and vice versa from a historical, cultural, social, scientific, economic perspective or any other field of study.

The awarded work will be published in Yuste Foundation’s book collection “Tesis Doctorales” and the winner will receive €3,000. Additionally, the author will present his/her work during the 5th International Congress on “Relations between Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe: Economy and International Conflicts”, which will take place on 10 and 11 April at the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres).

The winning theses in previous editions were: El Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana y la colección de retratos de la pintura española del siglo XIX, by Martha Elizabeth Laguna Enrique; La exposición como recolonización; exposiciones de arte latinoamericano en el Estado español (1989-2010), by Francisco Godoy Vega; Filosofía de la Historia de América. Los cronistas de Indias en el pensamiento español, by Natalia Korotkikh Denisova; Cirurgiões, práticas e saberes cirúrgicos na América portuguesa no século XVIII”, by Brazilian Monique Palma; El elegido inesperado. Pedro José de Fonte, último arzobispo de la Nueva España, by the Mexican researcher Clemente Cruz Peralta, and Revolución e indulgencia. La política de indultos en la última Nueva España, 1808-1821, by also Mexican Óscar Sergio Zárate Miramontes