Jarandilla de la Vera, 14 and 15 March 2023 – Parador de Turismo – Salón del Emperador

The meeting of legal specialists from such disparate professions, but which are at the same time so interconnected with each other, such as those dealing with the judicial, notarial and registration sectors regarding agriculture and livestock, is a unique opportunity to furthering the study of a sector that is certainly very little explored from the point of view of legal science.

And to, furthermore, hold this event in one of the enclaves with the deepest historical roots of Extremadura, a nucleus formed by Jarandilla, Yuste and its majestic Monastery, under the auspices of the General Council of the Judiciary and an institution with a transnational, Europeanist and Ibero-American vocation, as the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation is, which gives the meeting a vocation that transcends our borders; and, not to mention, with the invaluable collaboration of the Illustrious Notarial and Registration Colleges of Extremadura, which are, surely, the perfect framework and combination to achieve the goal of giving the relevance and visibility deserved by a sector that, for a long time, was the economic engine of practically the whole of Spain and which continues to be so in large areas of our geography.

Now all that remains, is for the subjects chosen for the various conferences and round tables to arouse an interest in speakers and attendees that is commensurate with that ambitious aim and that real proposals for the improvement and encouragement of this sector emerge from constructive dialogue and debate.