Royal Monastery of Yuste, 24-26 June

© Mario Rey

© Mario Rey

The aim of the seminar is to seek the adaptation of not only the workers but also the labour market itself to the new social paradigm, in order to achieve greater employability. Bearing in mind the age we live in, when our young people are looking towards Europe as a possible place for finding a job or developing their careers, we believe there is no better place for the event than the Royal Monastery of Yuste. Nowadays we cannot think of Spain without taking into account that it forms an integral part of Europe.

What is an Employment Shuttle? We are a heterogeneous team of unemployed people with a spirit of dynamism, commitment and solidarity which is voluntarily joining this initiative and, coordinated by a coach, reinforcing its powers, generating collective knowledge, becoming visible and collaborating in the achievement of a common goal: getting a job, either for ourselves or for others.

This summer course includes workshops for personal and professional training of participants, aiming at enlarging knowledge and capacities in: oratory and negotiation, excellence team building, and communication and social networks to the development of personal image.

The working language of the summer courses is Spanish. Interpretation will not be available.



Iñaki Ortega, Deusto Business School.



Ángel Pacheco









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