Royal Monastery Of Yuste, 16- 18 June 2014

The aim of this course is to study the measurement mechanisms used by innovation ecosystem agents and their developments. To this end, the course will analyze the GEDI project, the REDI project, the Small Business Act, the GEM project, the 2020 Strategy, business incubators and the effectiveness of public policies and measures to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Director: Dr. Ricardo Hernández Mogollón – Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting,University of Extremadura

Secretary: D. Antonio Fernández Portillo – Research technician, University of Extremadura


– Dr.ZoltanAcs – George Mason University. Washington, USA

– Dr. Iñaki Ortega Cachón – Lecturer Deusto Business School. Madrid, Spain

– Dr.ErkkoAutio – Imperial College. London, United Kingdom

– Mr. Jorge lozano – Monterrey Technological Institute. Mexico

– Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues – University of Beira Interior (Covilhá, Portugal UBI-Mozambique project)

– Dr. José Mª Gómez Gras –  Miguel Hernández University. Elche, Spain

– Dr. Juan José Jiménez Moreno – University of Castille-La Mancha. Albacete, Spain