Royal Monastery of Yuste, 27- 28 June 2014

The aim of the continuous training courses organized by SEMEG and SEGG is to update experts on issues related to differences in the diagnosis and treatment of adults and the elderly, both from a physiological and a pathological perspective. The present course will analyze the clinical, social and economic consequences of mistaking the difference between renal function according to age and renal insufficiency, a very common mistake among health professionals. Another current issue which will be covered is diabetes management in elderly patients, which differs significantly from the management of young diabetic patients.

Coordinators: Dr. Juan F. MacíasNúñez   –  President of the Spanish Society for Geriatric Medicine (SEMEG) – and Dr. José Antonio López Trigo – President of the Spanish Society for Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology (SEGG)


–    Dr. Nicolás Roberto Robles – Infanta Cristina Hospital. Badajoz

–    Dr. Carmen Pablos Hernández  – Salamanca University Hospital

–    Dr. Marta Castro Rodríguez–Getafe UniversityHospital. Madrid

–    Dr. Pedro Gil Gregorio – San Carlos Clinical Hospital. Madrid

–    Dr. Rosa López Mongil – Dr. Villacián Hospital. Valladolid

–    Dr. Baldomero Álvarez Fernández – Málaga University Regional Hospital

–    Dr. Raquel Ortés Gómez– Virgen del Puerto Hospital. Plasencia