A Session in Yuste Examines the Current European Situation Through a Business and Foundational Lens

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation organised the session “A Glance Towards Europe: Business Issues and Challenges” in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Yuste and the Cáceres Business Circle in the framework of Europe Day, which was celebrated last 9th of May. The session was directed by Mari Cruz Sánchez Escobedo, a professor from the University of Extremadura. (16/05/2024)

The aim of this event was to provide context to the current European situation from a business and foundational perspective. To achieve this, speakers analysed various topics such as education, youth, businesses, associations, and Europe, offering a comprehensive and realistic portrayal of the current situation in Europe.

The opening session featured a speech by Pablo Hurtado, the director general of External Action of the Regional Government of Extremadura, who stated that Extremadura has played a role in making the European Union an admirable achievement in the history of humanity because it has assumed that our union “is the only possible solution” to the challenges facing society.

During his address, the director general affirmed that, despite living in a period of conflicts and new challenges, the European project is “solid, stable, secure, and reliable, and it needs everyone to continue building it”.

To conclude, he mentioned that the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste was recently awarded the European Heritage Label by the European Commission, given to symbolic and unique places in Europe. In this regard, he extended congratulations to Extremadura because, thanks to this label, “our region is more integrated into Europe”.

During his speech, he also emphasised the relevance and need of holding this session which addresses present and future challenges from a multidimensional perspective, involving the presence of businesses, education, public and private institutions, organisations, and civil society.

Among the speakers were Juan Carlos Preciado, secretary general of Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity of the Regional Government of Extremadura; Diego Hernández, president of the Cáceres Business Circle; Juan Andrés Tovar, president of Cetarsa; Sara Simón, the general director of Youth Business Spain; and Alejandro Hernández Renner, the director of the Maimona Foundation, among others.

The session was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Cáceres and ECCA Social of Extremadura.