Juan Carlos Moreno PiñeroThe Governing Board of the Regional Government of Extremadura has agreed to appoint Juan Carlos Moreno Piñero as Managing Director of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation. His appointment was proposed by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation Board of Trustees who met on 18th July 2016.

The new Director of the Foundation is a Doctor of Law from the University of Extremadura. He is a qualified lawyer, specialising in Private Law, from the University of Seville.
He has been a legal advisor at some of Extremadura’s most high-profile public bodies. The School of Teacher Training professor on the Social Work diploma at the University of Extremadura has taught, amongst other subjects, Administrative and Constitutional Law and Social Policy. He has a wide range of experience working for foundations, in both research and management roles. In terms of research, his doctoral thesis was “Analysis of the legal framework of foundations and proposals for future change” for which he received a unanimous outstanding cum laude grade, and he has written several articles, including “The time for foundations”, awarded the Antonio Cuéllar Gragera Prize for legal research. In terms of management experience, he has been Director of the Schegel Foundation, Board Member and Secretary of the San José de Villafranca Foundation, and Board Member and Secretary of the President Rodríguez Ibarra Centre of Studies.

According to Article 14.2 of the Foundation’s regulations, the Managing Director will be responsible for overall management, for the purposes of Law 1/2014 of the 18th February; for regulation of the Government Statute for Public Office and the Extremadura Administration; and will be subject to the regulations surrounding conflicts of interest and responsibilities expected of staff according to Article 18 of the regulation mentioned previously.