On 3rd and 4th October, 2019. Multifunctional lecture hall, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature in Cáceres.

Extremadura’s development has permanently been influenced by the evolution of its cross border relations with Portugal and by the level of knowledge and understanding between these two peoples. This is why the creation and implementation of a Hispanic-Portuguese Seminar on History and Law, in order to establish the analysis, debate, and the presentation of the current Portuguese political structure, its historical roots and evolution as study topics, is important.

The seminar’s main objectives are to promote mobility or university community exchange through the attainment of better knowledge concerning cross border problems and to enhance greater cultural awareness concerning the neighbouring country’s ius historical reality and knowledge concerning its current constitutionality and legal-institutional culture as well as its historical foundations.

This seminar is primarily intended for Spanish History and Law graduate students.

The Hispanic-Portuguese Seminar on History and Law comprises the University of Extremadura’s History of Law and Administrative Law Areas and the History Department.