foto-cosaca-ucraniana2Extremaduran journalist Ángel Sastre will present a lecture entitled Periodismo en zonas de conflicto en el siglo XXI (Journalism in conflict zones in the 21st century) next Wednesday 9th November at 19.30, at the Ateneo de Cáceres, organised by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation.

Ángel Sastre, an international correspondent specialising in social and conflict zone journalism, will present his work from Latin America, Qatar, Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria. He will project some of his unedited work recorded in conflict zones, showing the work of correspondents on the front line and highlighting the civilian population’s experiences of conflict situations. The journalist will cover how he develops his work and the working environment of freelance professionals, as well as tackling the new issue of kidnappings, making the work of journalists more complicated than ever, bringing his own personal experiences to the discussion.

Ángel Sastre (born in Don Benito and currently living in Buenos Aires) writes, relates, and tells about what he sees. The medium is not important to him: radio, press, or television. What matters to him is that the public are well-informed, and the only way of doing this is to report from the places where the facts are unfolding. His firm dedication to journalism led to him being awarded the Larra Award in 2010: a prize awarded to the best young journalists in the profession. He aims to investigate how people are living, what they are feeling, and what it is disadvantaged people need. Ángel Sastre likes to submerge himself in events in order to get to know the people he talks to better. He has a blog “Machetada” where he reflects on the profession and shows his work. He prefers to work in places embroiled in different types of conflicts, either war or social, and to then report on them in long and in-depth articles. He has received the Extremeño de HOY award from newspaper Hoy in recognition of his work.