30ueThe European Academy of Yuste Foundation is to participate in a debate and discussion under the slogan “Cómo hemos cambiado”, to be held on Friday 18th November at 12pm at the Fundación Mercedes Calles (Mercedes Calles Foundation) in Cáceres, to celebrate 2016 marking the thirtieth anniversary of Spain joining the EU.

Rosa Balas, President of the Foundation’s Executive Committee, and Director General of External Action for the Regional Government of Extremadura, will be taking part in the event organised by the Spanish Representation to the European Commission and the European Parliament Office in Spain. The event will provide a setting for Spanish people born before Spain’s entry to the EU and those born after to put forward their perspectives on how the country has changed since it joined the EU in 1986.

Teresa Chamorro will chair the debate, with additional participation from: Rosa Balas, Director General of External Action and President of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation’s Executive Committee; José Ángel Camisón Yagüe, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Extremadura; Juan Manuel Rodríguez Barrigón, Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Extremadura; and Rebeca Domínguez Cidoncha, Director of the “Europe Direct-Cáceres” Centre and Head of Cáceres Town Council’s Innovation department. Pablo Borrega, Communicator and Professor of Debating at CEU San Pablo University; Adolfo Chautón, consultant and founder of Emprendipia; Sara Dorado, blogger and entrepreneur; Fermín Solís, cartoonist and illustrator; and Daniel Velarde, entrepreneur and winner of the 2016 Yuzz award will also be taking part.

Members of the public attending the event will be invited to share their opinions via hand-held devices and social networks, which will play a significant role in how the agenda plays out.

The event will be open to the public until capacity is reached. The hashtags #comohemoscambiado, #yyavan30 and #CaceresUE will be used for the event, and you can follow the debate live via the European Commission in Spain’s official Facebook page (@comisioneuropea).

A similar event was held in Murcia in October and another will be held in Santander on 25th November.