With the aim of contributing to the promotion of democracy, respect for human rights, the promotion of peace and international concord, the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation has organised the sessions entitled “Security and Defence in the Ibero-American Space”, which will be taking place today and tomorrow at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in Cáceres. (26/09/2023)

During the opening of these sessions, the director of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno Piñero, explained that this activity is framed within the Collaboration Agreement that was signed between Yuste Foundation and the Ministry of Defence in 2021.

Moreno explained that Yuste Foundation’s link with the Armed Forces lies in one of the objectives set out in its bylaws, which advocates working to promote democracy, respect for human rights, the promotion of peace and international harmony. This vocation, he added, coincides very much with what the Armed Forces pursue in their security and defence missions. “Both institutions use different means, but we pursue similar goals and it is, therefore, logical that we keep a stable relationship of cooperation”.

The director of Yuste Foundation also defended the role played by the Armed Forces as “a very valuable instrument of international relations, it bestows prestige to the role that Spain plays abroad and discovers a highly valued aspect before society, as the participation in international peace and humanitarian aid operations is”.

In turn, the Deputy Delegate of Defence in Cáceres, Colonel Manuel del Pozo, pointed out that these sessions are part of the Sub-delegation of Defence’s mission in relation to the “promotion and development of Defence Culture”, and they are especially focused on a “very important scenario that is also of great interest” as is the Ibero-American space due to the immense relations of friendship, and because “Spain and the Ministry of Defence are the link of that geostrategic space in Europe and vice versa”.

In this sense, the director of the Security and Defence Studies and Coordination Division (SEGENPOL), Colonel José Luis Calvo Albero, who gave the opening speech, assured that the armed forces of the Ibero-American countries “highly value the fact that Spain acts an entry point for them to enable their participation in certain projects with international organisations, such as NATO or the European Union”.

Colonel Calvo Albero stressed that the relationship of the Spanish Armed Forces with their Ibero-American counterparts is above all “institutional, cultural and educational”, and as regards the security and defence aspect, one that “enables that whole relationship with the rest of the world, especially with the European institutions”.

These sessions, organised with the collaboration of the Ministry of Defence and the University of Extremadura, are held in person and online as they are broadcasted via the Foundation’s Youtube channel and 66 people from 12 countries have registered: Austria, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Luxembourg, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua and Switzerland.