March 13, 2019, at the Royal Monastery of Yuste

Students and teachers visited the Palace of Emperor Charles V in order to see the last retreat of the last emperor; they were told anecdotes of the monarch and some details about the architectural and patrimonial heritage. The 44 students from Juan Güel School in Talayuela then visited the premises of the Foundation in order to attend the talk given by Juan Carlos Moreno, the Director of the Foundation. The main aim is to teach the children, in broad terms, the origin, history and the construction and integration process of Europe; offer them first-hand information on human rights and behaviour standards extrapolable to each country of the Union and to the rest of the world. The European Union was founded with the desire to end the frequent conflicts between the neighbours that had culminated in the Second World War. The first step towards an economic and political union of the European countries to achieve lasting peace was taken when the European Coal and Steel Community was created.