22815389_1918351474847525_5978070260841142903_nThe Concha Foundation in Navalmoral de la Mata will host an exhibition of work by 5th and 6th year primary schoolchildren from all the schools in Navalmoral de la Mata on 8 November. The exhibition will include information on the European construction and integration process, European values and key information on the 28 countries that make up the EU.

At a press briefing, the Director of the Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno, the Mayor of Navalmoral de la Mata, Raquel Medina, the Coordinator of CEPAIM-Navalmoral, Mehrad Alizadeh, and representatives from the five schools in Navalmoral presented the results from the project carried out between March 2017 and the end of May. This work has been on display at the Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation over the summer and is now being shown in Navalmoral so that anyone wishing to enjoy and learn from the content of these murals can do so freely.

In his speech, the foundation director explained that a decision was reached to embark on this project so that pupils at all the schools in Navalmoral could visit the Royal Monastery of Yuste and discover more “about the European construction and integration project, as well as such European values as peace, liberty, equality, democracy and respect; principles from which the European Union has been forged over the last 60 years”. Juan Carlos Moreno Piñero believes that these principles are not acquired naturally but must rather “be instilled and spoken about”, and there is no better way to do so than to raise awareness among young people because their minds are open to new ideas and experiences. The foundation director went on to add that, between May and September (when the exhibition was in Yuste), over 400 European researchers, diplomats, university lecturers and ambassadors visited the exhibition, “and they all asked about and praised the work and effort made by these children”.

The ‘European Union: a story of human values and rights’ project sought to awaken an interest among schoolchildren in learning about what it means to feel European, foster a respect for human rights, and learn about European values and heritage. The project was targeted at pupils from the five schools in the municipality: Campo Arañuelo; Sierra de Gredos; El Pozón; Almanzor and Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. The project was supported by the European Commission and Europe Direct Cáceres, which provided the schools with materials so pupils could learn about European history and its integration project.

The project firstly consisted of classwork using the material sent by the European Commission and Europe Direct Cáceres. Subsequently, CEPAIM organised specific workshops and activities on specific values. The latter was supported by experiences from refugees and immigrants so that the schoolchildren could hear first-hand tales about the dangers these people experience before arriving in Europe. The next stage of the project took place in April with guided tours for each school to the Royal Monastery of Yuste, where a talk on Europe was given via video-conference with the foundation’s delegate in Brussels.
The final stage consisted of the work produced by the schoolchildren for exhibition on the foundation’s premises and later in Navalmoral de la Mata.