22780370_1917237134958959_5871757995128517228_nThe Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation hosted the 4th RRULAC Conference entitled ‘University Radios on the move: towards building a media counter-agenda’, which was held from 24-27 October 2017 in Madrid at the Royal Monastery of Yuste, headquarters of the Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation.

The event helped raise the international profile of this Ibero-American network, of which the Spanish Association of University Radios (ARU) is a member. The RRULAC articles of association were renewed to allow for the creation of ‘University International Radio (RIU), network of networks’, a body that seeks to become a global group engaged in improving the position of broadcasters of this nature in international decision-making forums. The new articles of association were signed by representatives from the university radio networks in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Spain and Mexico. At the meeting of the network’s General Council, the President of ARU, Daniel Martín, was elected as president for the next two years. “One of the main purposes of RIU, network of networks, is to grow and incorporate new broadcasters, especially those that took part in this conference, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy and Portugal”, said Daniel Martín.

During the course of the event, debates were held on the role to be played and challenges faced by broadcasters in society and best practice cases were presented in this field, such as the European collaboration between various countries on the Europhonica Project (a programme promoted by the European Parliament). Finally, four publications on radio media were presented: Lo dijo la radio… entonces habrá que investigar; Encrucijadas del nuevo milenio; Un canto a los 40; and La divulgación científica, estructura y prácticas en las universidades.

The closing ceremony was attended by Juan José Maldonado, Spanish Director-General for Vocational Training and Universities, and César Chaparro, Academic Director of the Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation. In his speech, Juan José Maldonado highlighted the important role played by university radios at a social level and welcomed the Spanish presidency on the new course to be followed by RIU, network of networks.