20171028_131533The Ibero-American and European Academy of Yuste Foundation, in collaboration with National Heritage, has organised a concert of liturgical music from the time of Cardinal Cisneros, under the group Schola Antiqua, directed by Juan Carlos Asensio, to be held on Saturday 28th October at 1:00 p.m. in the church of the Royal Monastery of Yuste. Entrance to the concert is free of charge.

This concert, which closures the annual cycle of concerts of the Emperor, intends to evoke musically the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, also highlighting the cultural side of the time of Cisneros: the liturgical-publishing projects, since from the late fifteenth century to his death, Cardinal Cisneros published several books that have gone down in the history of music and liturgy for their quality and for being the first Spanish books that codified much of the melodies for their liturgical use in the cathedral of Toledo, and because they served as inspiration for the composers of vocal and instrumental music.

In the musical practice of the time, the combination of plain singing with the organ happened to be of the most common, and many of these religious works surpassed the religious atmosphere to become examples for amateurs.

The programme includes sequences in Gregorian chant and liturgical polyphony of composers of the time like Antonio de Cabezón and Francisco de Peñalosa.

Since its founding in 1984, Schola Antiqua has been dedicated to the study, research and interpretation of ancient music, especially Gregorian chant. All its members were trained as choir children in the Choir of the Abbey of Santa Cruz del Valley de los Caídos. It has performed at numerous festivals in Europe, in the United States, the Middle East and Japan. Its discography includes records dedicated to Mozarabic and Gregorian chant and historical reconstructions of polyphony from the Fifteenth and Sixteenth centuries.

Juan Carlos Asensio, director of Schola Antiqua, is a collaborator of the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales. He has published several papers in specialised magazines along with transcriptions of the Codex of Madrid and the Codex of Las Huelgas and a monograph on Gregorian Chant for the Alianza Editorial publishing house. He is currently Musicology teacher at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Higher school of music of Catalonia), and at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.