The president of the Regional Government of Extremadura, María Guardiola, presided over the meeting held by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation’s Board of Trustees today, where the Action Plan for 2024 was approved. The latter is a programme of activities that intends to further delve into the analysis and knowledge of the European reality, as well as to promote and consolidate the links between Extremadura, Europe and Ibero-America. (13/12/2023)

“The Regional Government of Extremadura’s new government will promote an active and participatory presence of the region in Europe, not only as a community receiving aid, but also as a region that is deeply committed and responsible to the process of building the European Union and to the values that are promoted from here, such as peace, freedom, solidarity or democracy”, stated the head of the Extremaduran Executive on Wednesday at the Assembly of Extremadura, which hosted the meeting.

Among the many activities scheduled for next year is the training programme Campus Yuste, which offers four international summer-autumn courses that are organised in collaboration with the University of Extremadura.

Campus Yuste has established itself as a forum that promotes debate, reflection and the knowledge of academics, researchers and professionals on the process of European construction and integration, as well as other topics related to the history of Europe and Ibero-America.

The School of Guadalupe is indeed focused on the Ibero-American sphere, including the activities that Yuste Foundation holds in this town and it will seek new paths to gain common ground and knowledge between Extremadura, Europe and Ibero-America through congresses and conferences, among which the “5th International Congress Relations Between Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean: A Meeting Space” stands out, which will bring together young Americanist researchers, doctors and doctoral students to present their new lines of research.

Along these lines, in 2024, Yuste Foundation aims to open new avenues of encounter with the celebration of two congresses in the Americas, one in Peru and another in Puerto Rico, enabling collaborations with Ibero-American universities that will help and result in this consolidation of relations with Ibero-America.

“We cannot forget our link with Ibero-America — the president stated— which together with our border with Portugal and our deep commitment to Europe, represents one of the identity traits of Extremadura as a region”, and she added that “Undoubtedly, our historical, cultural and heritage ties place us at the centre of the board, as the best meeting place between Ibero-America and Europe”.

Guardiola assured that she will work to ensure that the work of the Foundation has a greater social impact in the region through the activities that take place between citizens and institutions in Extremadura. “We will strongly encourage a greater presence of the entity in European projects that will take place in our territory and that continue to increase our prestige among the Member States”, she claimed.


The collaboration with Euro-Ibero-American organisations and networks of the Foundation is also embodied in the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean triangular cooperation project “Adelante 2”, with the organisation of the forum “Cultural routes and itineraries for the development of territories”, that it organises along with the Organization of Ibero-American States and institutions of Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay or Luxembourg.

Other programmes that seek to create forums for debate and reflection are Aula Abierta and Tribuna Euro-Ibero-America, which for the next period plan training courses and conferences to be held under agreements signed with the General Council of the Judiciary and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and Defence, among other proposals.

Yuste Foundation’s flagship activity will again be the delivery of the Carlos V European Award, an award that recognises the work of individuals, organisations, projects or initiatives that have contributed to the general knowledge and enhancement of Europe’s cultural and historical values or to the unification of the European Union. The board of trustees has approved the call for the 17th edition of this award.


In the field of academic research, the Foundation continues to focus on activities that are already established, such as the calls for the “Carlos V European Award European Research and Mobility Grants”, the Doctoral Seminar, where the selected papers resulting from these grants are presented; as well as the “Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses”.

Likewise, it will continue to focus on cultural and awareness programmes, such as the Emperor’s Concerts; the Young Jury Award “Luis Alcoriza”, in collaboration with the Iberian Film Festival of Badajoz; school programmes on Europe and Ibero-America, which will be carried out in different educational centres of the region; and the Network of Routes of Emperor Charles V, whose executive board is presided over by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation.

The Foundation’s editorial line will expand its catalogue with the publication of several volumes in the different collections that focus on topics related to its Euro-Ibero-American field of activity. This is coupled with the compilation of monthly issues of the 2023 Newsletter of the Academy of Yuste, which will be published in a printed annual and become a source of information and consultation.