IMG_1745Fifth and sixth year primary school students from CEIP Almanzor school in Navalmoral de la Mata visited the Royal Monastery of Yuste and the European Academy of Yuste Foundation today, taking part in a videoconference with César Morcillo, Director of Extremadura’s regional office in Brussels.

The visit was part of the ‘The European Union: a history of values and human rights’ project, which aims to get students interested in the meaning of what it is to feel European; encourage respect for human rights; and learn about European values and heritage.

The students and teachers visited the Palace of Emperor Carlos V with an official guide who talked to them about Emperor Carlos V’s life in the palace, including anecdotes from the citizens of Cuacos de Yuste, and information about the architectural heritage. Next, the school children took part in a videoconference at the Foundation with César Morcillo, Director of Extremadura’s regional office in Brussels, about the importance of being part of the European Union, the work of European institutions, and about how decisions made in Europe have an impact on the daily lives of its citizens. The students also asked Morcillo about life in Brussels and the work he does in the regional office.

The rest of Navalmoral de la Mata’s schools will also go on the same visit to the Palace of the Emperor and will take part in videoconferences with Brussels. Campo Arañuelo will visit on 19 and 20 April, the 21 will be Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe school’s turn, El Pozón school will visit Yuste on the 25 April, and Sierra de Gredos on 27 April.

The project is divided into various stages: initially, the schools were given materials from the European Commission and Europe Direct Cáceres; then the CEPAIM Foundation organised a lively and participatory discussion on values such as peace, equality, and tolerance, and were told about experiences of refugees and immigrants. After that, the students had their visit to the Royal Monastery of Yuste and the videoconference with Brussels, finishing with them working on various projects which will be displayed at the Foundation from June to September and afterwards in a council building. The project will end with an easy-to-read exhibition on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The project has been organised by the Foundation together with Navalmoral de la Mata Town Council, with support from the CEPAIM-Extremadura Foundation, Navalmoral schools, Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage), Europe Direct Cáceres, and the Fundación Ciudadanía (Citizenship Foundation).