The call for proposals to be eligible for ten “Carlos V European Award” European Research and Mobility Grants for European Studies is now open

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation offers ten “Carlos V European Award European Research and Mobility Grants for European Studies” in order to carry out research work on “The European project’s modernisation and governance in a plural framework with shared values and goals”. The grants deal with European history, memory and integration, where the framework and priority is the profile of the awarded person, institution, project or initiative in each edition with the Carlos V European Award. Those eligible for one of the grants may propose innovative research lines referring to the main subject of the call, bearing in mind the specific and cross-sectional priorities of the call.

The main aim of the grant, worth 2.500 EUR each, is to cover the study and documentary research costs in the European field for the preparation of the contributions that should be submitted in the framework of the Carlos V European Award Doctoral Seminar of Multi-disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Europe; the development of research work carried out in the framework of the call which shall later be published in a joint work by Yuste Foundation; the mobility of researchers in order to carry out their research work and participate in the doctoral seminar where they will present their work and, finally, their attendance to the presentation of the research publication.

In order to be eligible for one of the grants, candidates should be nationals of a Member country of the European Union, of one of the countries belonging to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), of the European Economic Area (EEA), of candidate countries for accession to the European Union, from South-Eastern Europe, from Eastern Europe and Caucasus, from Mediterranean partner countries or Latin American countries. They should, furthermore, be enrolled in a doctoral study programme of a university of the admitted eligible countries in this call and be in the preparation stage of the doctoral thesis in the field of History, Political Sciences, Economics, Law and other disciplines of Human and Social Sciences, as well as other branches of science, on a subject related to the object and orientation established in the call; it is necessary to prove knowledge of English or Spanish, having a B2 level or higher in case neither of them were the candidate’s mother tongue.

The deadline for submission of applications is 22 August inclusive. The procedure for the concession of the offered grants is competitive concurrence and public call, following the assessment criteria established in the call. The maximum period for the resolution of the procedure shall be notified individually to each candidate in a maximum period of 3 months from the day following the deadline for the submission of applications. Once the deadline has been reached and no information is received, it is understood that the application has been rejected.

Applications and the annex documentation shall be submitted via electronic means, completing the digital form published in the website:  and submitting the required documentation to the following email: or physically at the Royal Monastery of Yuste or via Post Offices.

Carlos V European Award Grants

 In the 11th edition, the Jury of the Carlos V European Award delivered the prize to Marcelino Oreja Aguirre, acknowledging “his contribution to the European process of construction and integration during a lifetime from the different positions he has held; in national as well as in European organisations, as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Kingdom, as Secretary General of the Council of Europe and as European Commissioner or Member of the European Parliament, among others. His contributions in the academic field and in the civil society have, likewise been active and fruitful. His tireless work to foster the idea of Europe and the aggrandizement of European values should also be highlighted, especially those related to European cultural diversity and the protection of Human Rights”.

During the Carlos V Award ceremony on 9 May -Europe Day- the winner of the prize described the important stages and progress made in the process of European integration since the beginning of its course almost 70 years ago with Schumann’s Declaration until present day, when the Treaty of Lisbon has been signed. Oreja Aguirre recalled the delicate and crucial task which was the reason for the creation of Europe: to foster peace, democracy, development, prosperity, liberty, justice, equality, the rule of law, respect for human rights, human dignity, security, unity among the Member States and the welfare of its citizens. This is why, considering the progress made in the process of European integration concerning the development of European Institutions as the amendments of European Treaties as well as the challenges and defies currently faced by the European Union, the subject and priorities of the 11th edition of the European Research and Mobility Grants for European Studies will address: “The European project’s modernisation and governance in a plural framework with shared values and goals”.