premioprotagonistasThe Protagonistas del Mañana (Protagonists of Tomorrow) Award organized by the Rotary Clubs of Cáceres and Mérida in partnership with the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment and the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, among other institutions, has reached its third year. This award aims to recognize young people from Extremadura who display commitment to their environment and traits of social leadership, giving them the opportunity to spend time together with young people from other European countries with identical concerns, in such a way that their training will be enriched and their vision of Europe will expand.

Educational institutions interested in taking part should send the dossiers of their selected candidates by e-mail to before 29 January.

A tribunal made up of representatives of the Rotary Clubs and the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment will select ten finalists, who will attend the  Y.U.S.T.E. (Youth Up, Sharing Talent for Europe) International Camp, which will be held in July at the Colegio Mayor San José (hall of residence) in Cáceres, belonging to the Caja Extremadura Banking Foundation, which is also a project partner. The activities of this international meeting will include a seminar at the Royal Monastery of Yuste, attended by personalities and experts on the European Union, organized by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, which is also participating in the project.

By supporting this activity, the Foundation wishes to take part in the work to promote the participation of young people in European affairs, making them more aware of their role in building the Europe of the future. In this sense, during the 2015 Summer Camp it organized a talk and debate between young people and Ignacio Samper, Director of the Representative Office of the European Parliament in Spain, who spoke about the opportunities for young people to participate in European integration, as well as answering questions about current European affairs and sharing his professional experience of thirty years in Parliament.

The 2016 Protagonistas del Mañana Award will be presented in April in a public ceremony, in order to show that we have young people in Extremadura who are in a position to be tomorrow’s leaders.

For further information you can go to the website at, which also includes the different activities conducted at the 2015 Summer Camp and the organizations involved in the project.