THE CARIBBEAN-EUROPEAN UNION SYNERGY What challenges and opportunities?

Egmont Palace, Brussels, 26 october 2018

The international seminar aims at drawing attention to challenges and opportunities the Caribbean region has to face in economic, energy and climate aspects, as well as to the importance of acooperative approach, both among Caribbean states and with the EU partners,especially Belgium.

Moreover, it aims at paying a special and academic posthumous tribute to Viktor Sukup, ex-civil servant of the European Commission, IRELAC researcher and Caribbean expert, who accidentally died after publishing his book on the Caribbean islands.

The Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation recently published a Spanish version of the book.Thus, the seminar is the opportunity to tackle aspects of the Caribbean region as well as to enhance diplomatic and academic ties between the EU and the Caribbean with the identification of first operative steps to take in the bi-regional partnership.