Reunión Patronato Yuste (29-6-17)The European Academy of Yuste Foundation’s Board of Trustees, presided over by the President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, today approved the agreement for its merger with the Extremaduran Centre for Study and Cooperation with Ibero-America (CEXECI), which will form the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation.

The agreement is a culmination of the merger process of the two foundations, which started in December 2016 after being ratified by the Regional Government of Extremadura’s Governing Board and approved by both foundations’ Boards of Trustees. The statutes of the new foundation were also agreed at the Board of Trustees meeting.

The merger hopes to make the most of working together and integrating the assets and resources of both foundations. The union of the European vocation of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, and the Ibero-American vocation of CEXECI will create a new, extraordinarily powerful and bolstered institution, which will function as a vehicle for the transfer of knowledge and ideas between Europe, Extremadura, and Ibero-America, aiming to be a bridge of union between territories, spaces, and cultures.

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