Royal Monastery of Yuste. 12 – 14 July 2017

carlosvluteroAn annual course looking at the figure and times of Emperor Charles V. 2017 sees the commemoration of important events, such as the fifth centenary of Charles V’s first voyage to Spain to be crowned Charles I and the start of the Reformation, the Christian religious movement started in Germany in the XVI century by Martin Luther.
This event brought a rift to the Catholic Church which gave rise to a number of churches and organisations grouped under the denomination of Protestantism, which would mark the kingdom of Charles V. In view of this the course will analyse what the Reformation led to in the life and times of the Emperor, in Imperial Europe which extended as far as the New World, as well as its impact on the Europe we know today.

The course will take a look at politics and religion in Charles V’s Europe and his attitude towards Protestantism. The era of reforms in the period will be examined, along with the relationship between the university and church reform. The paradigms and attitudes of Erasmus towards Luther will also be an object of debate and reflection in a round table discussion. We will also look at the cultural climate of the Spain of Charles V before his arrival to the country, the development of Protestantism and Lutheranism in Spain, and the exile of Spanish Lutherans and their contribution to the Reformation in Spain. Finally we will examine different aspects of the impact Lutheranism had in Europe, Spain, and the New World, and how it is reflected in Spanish literature of past centuries. A discussion panel will also analyse films made on the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, drawing from literature and art.