Online, on 6 May 2021

The current circumstances do not allow us to celebrate the ceremony of the 14th Carlos V European Award this year on 9 May 2021, Europe Day. It will be held at an early date. However, Yuste Foundation does not want to miss the opportunity to commemorate such a special date, and to take the opportunity to analyse the current situation, the current challenges facing the European Union and to reflect on its future, especially in view of the fact that the Conference on the Future of Europe will be launched at that time. It is an initiative in which civil society, European citizens and institutions such as the Yuste Foundation are called to contribute to and participate in the process of European construction and integration and to define its future, and in which we have placed great hopes.

To this end, Yuste Foundation will organise this online meeting on 6 May at 5.30pm under the title: “Quo Vadis, Europa?… in the Post-Covid Era”, with the three Spanish personalities who have received the Carlos V European Award: Felipe González (2000), Javier Solana (2011) and Marcelino Oreja (2017).

At this meeting each of the participants will give a 20-minute speech, where they will give their vision on how to face the current European challenges and will reflect on the future of Europe, the role of Europe in the world, and relations between Europe and Ibero-America. The speeches will be followed by a dialogue between the three that will be complemented by questions from the audience.

This meeting is aimed at young university students and representatives of youth organisations, representatives of civil society, including representatives of the foundational world, representatives of the academic world of Spanish and Ibero-American universities, representatives of the political and diplomatic world, and all those interested in the process of European integration, in international relations and in EU-Ibero-American relations. All this in order to involve the majority of citizens in this process.

Moderator: Rosa Balas Torres, Director General of External Action of the Regional Government of Extremadura and President of the Executive Commission of Yuste Foundation.

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All those interested can register for free in order to follow and participate with their questions filling in the form in the following link.

The webinar can also be followed live through Yuste Foundation’s YouTube profile.