XI Encounters of Yuste: The Transition and Transitions. Culture and Daily Life in Democratic Spain

Caceres, 28 and 29 October 2021

Resuming the scientific sessions on the Transition after the forced time-out due to the pandemic, on this occasion we address the fascinating territory dedicated to Culture and daily life.

In few aspects of historical interest, such as the one we are dealing with on this occasion, can we see the intense change that Spain has undergone in recent decades. One may state that the cultural evolution and that regarding customs and daily activities has been tremendous. The intensity of this transformation is a precise example of Spanish modernisation, and precisely due to this, in parallel, some counterproductive effects have been caused that devastated very established customs at times. The idea is to look into how one can discover the permanence of some ancestral values adapted to modernisation (which would explain certain political and social behaviours and even present day claims such as those of the so-called España vaciada (emptied Spain)) and how other values disappeared irreversibly, while new social customs and rites were imposed in hand with globalisation.

With the attendance of outstanding professionals from the field of journalism and University, aspects such as the rural-urban medium tension in the Transition, the evolution of moral and religious values, the cultural emergence through the mass media and, of course, the effect that the implementation of the new democratic system and its institutions had on the daily evolution of Spaniards in a few years of intense changes, will be tackled.

Organised, as always, with the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation (FAEIY), the meetings are intended to serve as a testimony and reminder of the extensive achievements made in these years. Not objecting to open up to the new social and political challenges imposed by the current world, we intend to analyse what has been achieved and try to appreciate the accumulated baggage, which is necessary to face the future with hope. This is an essential task, especially because of the many times that Spanish history has wasted the opportunities that have arisen to push us forward and definitively overcome the demons of the past.