Yuste Foundation presents its comic collection ‘Extremeños en Iberoamérica y Europa – Historieta’ in Jarandilla de la Vera

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation has opened an exhibition of ‘Extremeños en Iberoamérica y Europa – Historieta’ (Extremadurans in Ibero-America and Europe – Comic) in the Sala Mirador hall of the Parador hotel of Jarandilla de la Vera. The exhibition is a showcase for the books published for its collection under the same name that seeks to acquaint our modern world with the great historical figures of Extremadura.

This exhibition, which is part of the activities organised for the 20th edition of Route of Emperor Charles V, comprises large canvases showing the protagonist and some selected pages from the different comics.

The collection ‘Extremeños en Iberoamérica y Europa – Historieta’ is aimed at remembering the key figures of the history that Extremadura shared and continues to share with America, from a perspective that induces respect for the person being remembered as well as for our people in America, using the comic as a means of amusement and entertainment and, in this way, to present these pieces of our history to all kinds of audiences.

This collection strives for precision in the narrative structure of history and, at the same time, highlights its most adventurous aspects since its another fundamental objective is to fire the reader with enthusiasm to learn more about the character and our history and to further delve into more comprehensive books and articles. Therefore, one of the best ways to introduce these historical figures, especially to the young readers, is through a comic. The books combine simplicity with artistic effect to pique the interest of readers from all age groups.

In this collection, the titles are written and drawn by the most prominent comic book artists from Extremadura. Their artistic works within the world of comics and illustration are widely known at the national and international levels.

So far, seven titles have been published: ‘Navío de tuertos. Francisco de Orellana y el descubrimiento del Amazonas’ (The ship of one-eyed men: Francisco de Orellana and the discovery of the Amazon), by Fermín Solís; ‘Hombre perdido. Ñuflo de Chaves en el Iguazú’ (The lost man: Ñuflo de Chaves in the Iguazú), by Enrique Flores and José Luis Forte; ‘Huida hacia la Gloria. Vasco Núñez de Balboa y el descubrimiento del Océano Pacífico’ (Escape to Glory: Vasco Núñez de Balboa and the discovery of the Pacific Ocean), by Gol; ‘Martín Álvarez: el camino de un héroe’ (Martín Álvarez: Path of a hero), by Pedro Camello; ‘Inés Suárez. La conquista de Chile’ (Inés Suárez: The conquest of Chile), by Borja González; ‘La Araucana. Alonso de Ercilla sobre Pedro de Valdivia’ (The Araucaniad: Alonso de Ercilla on Pedro de Valdivia), by María Ramos; and ‘Descalzos. Los doce apóstoles de México’ (Bare Feet: The twelve apostles of Mexico), by Mayte Alvarado.

The exhibition ‘Extremeños en Iberoamérica y Europa – Historieta’ can be visited until February 10 in the Sala Mirador hall of the Parador hotel of Jarandilla de la Vera.