Royal Monastery of Yuste, October 30 and 31, 2014

This is the sixth edition of this seminar, conducted jointly by the University of Extremadura and the Rey Juan Carlos University. Starting from historical interest, but also taking into account the growing perception that the period of the transition to democracy has become an essential reference for our current political and social system, we intend to consolidate an annual meeting in Yuste, encouraging the reflection on this period of our history and review the changing perception on this issue up to today.

Director of studies:

Dr. Mario P. Díaz Barrado (Professor of Contemporary History. University of Extremadura)

Secretary of studies:

Dr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez Barrigón. (Tenured lecturer of Public International Law. University of Extremadura)






txtThe Director General for External Action opens a conference on the Spanish Transition to Democracy

PHOTO GALLERY (October, 30)

PHOTO GALLERY (October, 31)