The European Academy of Yuste Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Extremadura, has initiated the course titled Perspectives and challenges of the European Union. Strategic components of energy from a global geopolitical perspective which forms part of the Campus Yuste program.

One of the opening speeches was delivered by Enrique Barrasa, Director of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, who insisted that one of the biggest current-day concerns is energy, especially for those who are heavily dependent on foreign sources of supply. “Recent events have increased the need to analyse and reflect on the value of sources of supply, without underestimating the importance of environmental protection”. In this sense, Barrasa added that the European Union is currently involved in “complex decision-making with regard to a greater implementation of the so-called renewable energies”.

As for Maribel López, Vice-Rector of University Extension of the University of Extremadura, she recalled that this year is the sixteenth one in which the international summer courses have been held. In her speech she highlighted the work carried out by the Foundation to address issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective, “and this is exactly what the hallmark of university students in the 21st century should be, because what is established constantly changes”.

Juan Manuel Rodríguez Barrigón, the course director, also emphasized the multi-disciplinary approach which characterizes the course and pointed to the growing interest in the concept of energy in direct relation to cooperation.

For four days, fifty students from different Spanish universities will reflect on and analyse the new perspectives and challenges of the European Union together with teachers, specialists and experts in different fields. In this sense, they will analyse, among other issues, the different models of sustainable development related to energy: oil, from the point of view of the international order, the technological challenges posed by renewable energies, energy security in the European Union, the internationalization of the sector and the conflict in Ukraine and its impact on energy.

Campus Yuste

Campus Yuste is an event created by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation for its educational activities, based on encouraging debate and the reflection of students, researchers and professionals on European affairs. This year practical workshops have been introduced for the personal and professional development of the participants, aimed at expanding their knowledge of oratory and negotiation, excellence in team building and communication and social networks for the development of the personal image.