DSC_0251The European Academy of Yuste Foundation, as part of its Yuste Campus programme, hosted the closure of the encounter of fifty young Europeans from Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain, most Spaniards being from Extremadura. The camp, sponsored by the Rotary clubs of Caceres and Merida, along with partners from four other European countries, has been funded by the Erasmus+ students training, education and mobility programme.

Participants have been selected for being youngsters who are active, motivated and committed to society. They have worked together for a week in achieving three basic objectives: the development of transversal skills that can help them in their professional future for teamwork; the realization of cultural and leisure activities that promote healthy behaviours and awareness of the role to be played in European integration, encouraging them to find the channels of participation that give them a greater role than they have had so far.

At the encounter, they have worked on values and skills such as effort, solidarity and teamwork, these attitudes being required to reinforce the pillars of a diverse and cohesive Europe composed of active citizens who dialogue and cooperate to jointly create a common space.

In support of this activity, the Foundation wants to further join the efforts to promote the participation of young people in European affairs, making them more aware of their role in building Europe’s future. In this line, in addition to hosting the closure ceremony, the Foundation organized a talk among the youngsters and the director of the Representative Office of the European Parliament in Spain, Ignacio Samper, who spoke about opportunities for young people to participate in building Europe, in addition to answering questions on European current affairs and sharing his professional experience of thirty years in Parliament.

The encounter was organized by the Rotary clubs of Caceres and Merida, with partners such as New Humanity for a United World, Rete Progetto Pace, Stark Macher, Youth for a United World-Portugal, Memove Association and Political Movement for Unity-Spain and Rotary International