Yuste Foundation Offers 800 Grants for the International Summer-Autumn Courses Included in the 2021 Campus Yuste

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation opens the application period to apply for 800 grants to finance tuition fees, as well as – in the case of the face-to-face modality – the accommodation and maintenance for the international courses of the Campus Yuste programme, which will be held between June and October 2021 and are included in the XXII edition of the University of Extremadura’s International Summer-Autumn Courses. (21/05/2021)

These courses are offered in telematic and in hybrid format (face-to-face and telematic). There are three courses programmed in the hybrid mode: “The Future of Healthcare in Europe and the World: Challenges and Solutions to a Global Challenge”, to be held from 27 September to 1 October; “European Citizenship, Identities and Values”, which will take place from 4 to 8 October; and the “Economic Impact of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean” course, which has been scheduled from 25 to 29 October. A total of 300 grants are offered for these three courses, consisting of 20 grants for the face-to-face modality and 80 for each of the courses in the telematic modality.

Regarding the virtual mode exclusively, Yuste Foundation organises the following courses; “Iberian and Transatlantic Cultural Dialogues: The Spirit of the Avant-Gardes, a Century Later”, from 28 June to 2 July; “Diplomacy in the Worlds of Charles V: Negotiation and Dialogue”, from 5 to 9 July; “The Future of Europe: Opportunities on Shared and Global Challenges”, from 12 to 15 July; “European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Relations: A Renewed Agenda and a Programme for Recovery under the SDGs”, from 19 to 23 July; “Universal Accessibility, Social Inclusion and a Lever of Change for Equality” from 18 to 22 October. A total of 500 grants are offered for these eight courses, at the rate of 100 grants per course.

Yuste Foundation dedicates a total budget item of 102,600 euros for these grants, intended to finance the tuition fees for all courses, as well as the accommodation and maintenance for those held in face-to-face modality. The deadline for submitting applications is 4 June.

Applications, together with the required documentation, may be submitted electronically by filling in the digital form published in; in person at the headquarters of the Foundation, located in the Royal Monastery of Yuste (Cuacos de Yuste, Cáceres), or by post. The applicant who has opted for this means (postal mail) will also send the application and scanned documentation to the following address:

These grants may be granted to applicants who are nationals of a country of the European Union, one of the member countries of the United Nations or one that maintains permanent observer missions at United Nations Headquarters. They may also be granted to those who are third-country nationals where the status of resident in one of the above countries is established; when being enrolled in official degrees from universities in the EU or from one of the countries that are admitted in each call leading to the achievement of an undergraduate degree; a teacher’s degree; a technical engineer degree; a technical architect degree, a bachelor’s degree, an engineer degree, an architect degree; a graduate degree; a university master’s degree or PhD, having obtained the degree in the last five years prior to the publication of this call and being unemployed or having an internship contract in force, and not benefiting from other scholarships and/or study grants for the same concept and for the same course.


This training programme aims to develop specialised courses and meetings from a multidisciplinary point of view. It aims at promoting debate and reflection among university students, researchers and professionals on the process of European construction and integration, as well as current European issues, and other topics related to the history and memory of Europe and Ibero-America, or the founding objectives of the foundation.

The objective of the Campus Yuste grants is to make the training programme known and encourage as many people as possible to participate in it, even beyond national borders, to facilitate the participation and presence of university students, researchers, experts and professionals interested in each subject of study.

Each year, the courses take place in a unique setting, as the Royal Monastery of Yuste is, which facilitates the contact and exchange of knowledge between students and speakers, who will share reflections with experts in the field and with personalities of first academic, political or social, level. It is ultimately a space for reflection, thought, culture and science. Attendance at Campus Yuste courses will be subject to the health situation and the regulations issued by the authorities at the time of the celebration.

More information on course contents and the call for grants is available at