At the Royal Monastery of Yuste, on 22 September 2018

CAROLVS: Músicas para una corte española de los Austrias (Music for a Spanish Habsburg court)

The first half of the 16th century is indeed a period of heavy aesthetic communication. From the Flemish territories, where Charles V was from, the musical wisdom of great authors of the region: Josquin Desprez, Ockeghem, De la Rue, Gombert, Isaac … a long list of musicians whose teachings were notable in Spain with the arrival of the Flemish court that accompanied the future emperor, was extended throughout Europe.

The programme Carolvs goes through composers, whether Spanish or foreigners, who carried out their work here and left us their music during the decades when Charles V was king of Spain, since his arrival in Asturias  in 1516 until he retired at the Monastery of Yuste. The presence of Josquin Desprez, who finally did not come to Spain, is justified by the presence of his music in the country’s archives and cathedrals, being the most influential author of the time.


Jone Martínez (soprano)

Alejandra Saturno (viola da gamba)

Belén Nieto (flutes)

Fernando Serrano (vihuela)

RAÚL MALLAVIBARRENA (percussion and conducting)